Our meals are prepared on the premises using only fresh ingredients and seasonal vegetables.  Children with special dietary requirements will be catered for where realistically possible.

We believe that mealtimes should be a social, happy time where skills can be developed and different foods can be introduced and tasted.

Our meals are carefully planned to meet the individual dietary and/or health needs of each child. All the meals are prepared by a qualified and fully trained cook ensuring that fresh fruit and vegetables are served daily.

We try to create a home from home environment and one way to ensure this by having a member of our team seated at the table with the children during meal times.

Healthy eating is about getting a varied, balanced diet and enjoying lots of different foods. Meal and snack times are a social occasion where all the staff and children sit down together. We encourage the children to help prepare and serve food where practical.


Every baby is different, some being ready for solid foods sooner than others. We are happy to follow your preferences as and when you and your baby are ready. You will need to provide a supply of formula milk for your child each day, either by providing the nursery with a carton of milk or measured-up portions in a labelled container for use during the day.

We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea each day and snacks mid-morning and mid- afternoon. Depending on your session time your child will be provided with the following meals.

7:30am - 9am – Breakfast
A variety of breakfast meals, including cereals, whole-wheat pancakes and porridge.
10.00am – Mid-morning Snack
Various savoury snacks ie Crackers, fruit, rice cakes, cheese etc.
12.00 noon -1.15 pm – Lunch
Freshly cooked meal and dessert
2pm - 3pm – Mid-Afternoon snack
Various snacks as above
4.00pm – Tea
High Tea, freshly cooked

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