All our staff members aim to:

  • provide a secure environment which will promote good health for the children and help to prevent incidents
  • follow correct procedures of the Health and Safety Act 1974 and adhere to the 2006 food hygiene legislation strict hygiene, in order to prevent cross contamination
  • carry out necessary risk assessments for both indoor and outdoor environment
  • follow up to date legislation relating to health and safety and regularly attend training courses

Please contact our nursery manager if you have any further queries –

The key person ensures that within the day to day demands of the setting, each child for whom they have special responsibility feels individual, cherished and thought about by someone in particular while they are away from home.

Key person responsibilities:

  • The key person provides a secure attachment for their key children in the nursery.
  • They help their key children settle in and become familiar with the setting.
  • The key person meets the needs of their key children responding sensitively to their feelings, ideas and behaviour.
  • The key person provides a ‘secure base’ for the children by being there to support them and allowing them to explore at their own pace.
  • They are primarily responsible for their key child’s care routines.

At Play and Learn Day Nursery, when every child enters they register themselves by placing their name next to their photo on the registration wall.

This encourages each child to develop their confidence and independence. We like to start the day with circle time, where all the children take part in sitting on the carpet and having the opportunity to share anything exciting or show anything special, for example, their new shoes, a picture from a party they attended or their new favourite book. This gives both the practitioners and the children a chance to listen and acknowledge peers as well as progressing the child’s personal, social and emotional development. We encourage each child to speak up within this time as we believe it enhances their self-esteem and confidence.

We believe that meeting the needs and interests of the children is vital, therefore we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This allows the nursery to take a more holistic approach when teaching the curriculum and allows practitioners to deliver personalized learning, whilst adapting methods to each individual child. Therefore, we believe benefits all the children.

The curriculum we follow from the EYFS is split into four different sectors;

  1. Unique Child
  2. Enabling Environments
  3. Learning and Development
  4. Positive Relationships

These four areas are key in order for each child’s development and they also procedures and learning throughout the nursery.

We have a variety of teaching methods that we like to use throughout the nursery. We like to modify and adapt each method to fit subject area, for example, if we are reading with a child, this would take part in our reading corner where the child would receive one-to-one attention from their key person. However if we are completing a numeracy task, the whole group may be collectively gathered as a whole group to carry out a counting task. However, this will be adapted to each child’s learning styles as we are fully aware that not all children will learn the same way.


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